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Well-known places, 2019

State Centre For Contemporary Art, Saint Petersburg

Immersive installation

Well-known places.mp3Yulia Glukhova
00:00 / 06:16

Optic fibre, plaster sculptures, found objects

Sound: Yulia Glukhova

Curator: Anna Zavediy

​​Our senses never relax. Seeing, hearing, smelling, and feeling, we experience new sensations even when visiting the same places and repeating the same actions. I chose three public spaces in Kronstadt and recorded the movement of my body in those places by drawing the boundaries, which I encountered, including auditory, olfactory, and material ones. Using the recordings, I transferred the boundaries from the original places to a completely different space of the exhibition gallery. Illuminating optic fibres were used as a medium for this spatial drawing and - along with plaster sculptures, found objects, and sound - deal with being original, representation, and memory.