(human±technology), 2018

Tate Modern, Tate Exchange, London

Interactive installation

LEDs, Arduino, motion sensors

Team: Andrey Parshin, India Gabb, Lorent Rezari, Lucy Wheeler, and Zoe Wheeler

Curator: Digital Maker Collective

Today people perceive the artworks of the past in a completely different manner than previous generations. We are no longer fascinated by the means of production nor by the mastery of the artist, who depicted a breathtaking landscape or sculptured an antique statue. The emergence of new technologies such as digital photography and 3D printing has replaced the meaning of those artworks produced by means of ‘traditional’ arts and crafts. What we value now in those art pieces - apart from their market value - is the uniqueness and the very fact of having being produced by human hands. Contemporary galleries - as it has always been - are interested in emerging techniques and methods. Artworks interacting with the visitor and changing characteristics dependent on the inputs from the visitor and the environment have formed a new class of spectators - the participants. This installation explores the interaction between individuals and an Arduino-driven LED screen - the individual becomes an actor whose actions impact the artwork in real time.